I have had the pleasure of working with the team at Walsall Scare Maze in both 2018 for The Ward, and 2019 for their House of Heinous. 

For The Ward, as a finishing touch to the entrance room, a full size nun was required to appear on a surprise sliding door. I painted this in just under 2 hours. 

In 2019 I returned for a bigger project, which was a hell of a lot of stonework detailing! Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures, however the one below from Walsall Scare Maze themselves is just a small section with the show lighting on. Because it was a dimly lit area, huge amounts of detail weren't necessary, including highlights or texture. We literally just needed to use black so that in the dim lighting it gave the illusion or castle stonework. The big task with this project was more the sheer coverage that was needed within a two day timeframe. I covered the area of two corridors, and the maze like room pictured which had a multitude of surfaces to cover, as well as window brick detailing, and also boulder like details on both the entrance and exit to this part of the maze - to make it appear that the stone walls had been broken through.