Utilising both airbrush and hand painting skills, I can create an array of wall art to suit your theme - be it a Childs bedroom, restaurant or cafe to giving you an extra oomph in your themed attraction. 

From illustrative art pieces to more naturalistic landscapes, I am versatile and love a challenge! Creating such large scale pieces of art is one of my favourite things to do and I put my heart and soul the creation process. 

I am fascinated about how we can create a manmade environment that can fully immerse someone into another world. Thinking about all of those textures and details that make for a realistic environment and allow for the truest escapism, from grunge and mould to a magical snow flurry.

I have such a passion for being able to create environments that people can experience and enjoy. Whether it be something bold and bright like the UV clown maze I worked on, or whether it be the subtlest of details that just add to the atmosphere.

I have previously worked on Halloween and Christmas themed attractions, although my eye and attention to detail allows me to be fully adaptable and versatile.


"Kate is one in a million, her artwork is breath taking and really helped create a special atmosphere for the audience in a very large piece of artwork (6m x 3m).  Her attention to detail and natural ability to create detailed set pieces, follow plans and details makes her invaluable to a project. I would recommend Kate to anyone who needs her skills and look forward to working with her again in the near future"

- Andrew Porter, AJP Designs