Kate ‘Monroe’ Groves - Artist

Multi Award winning Professional Face & Body Painter | Mural and Scenic Artist | Concept & Design | Pet Portraits & Original Art | Education & Training | Social Media Content

Kate works predominantly as a professional face and body painter/creative makeup artist. She is mostly known for her detailed and illustrative airbrush work on the body and her premium quality face painting services. With a variety of awards and accolades under her belt, she is used to demoing and teaching in front of crowds at events up and down the country and is used to working with professional models, live actors and general public in fast paced environments.

Her skills also extend to mural, scenic & concept art - creating standout pieces for events and attractions to help create an immersive experience enjoyed by thousands, as well as pet portraits, commissions, original artworks and more.

With all of her work, Kate also ensures to utilise social media and content creation. She has built a following sharing her artworks, and worked with a variety of corporate clients to produce collaborative content for campaigns.

Always striving to be creative and staying open to all opportunities that will come her way, as long as it involves being artistic and creative, Kate will try her hand at anything!