Halloween is a speciality of mine; From extravagant fancy dress makeup, to photoshoots and live actor makeup. 

As of 2019 I have been honoured to be a part of the Real Mccoy FX Makeup team at Traumatica Horror Nights at Europa Park in Germany, with the team winning the award for the 2020 ScareCon 'Best Costume & Makeup'.

Working amongst a team of elite artists, the team makes up around 200 performers per night over a 21 show run,  utilising airbrush & prosthetics, which gives me great experience in working efficiently, under pressure and to a high quality.

I also offer makeup design, and  training  workshops prior to the Halloween season to equip your makeup teams for your Halloween event.

Understanding show lighting conditions and actor positioning is so essential to making sure you can use your makeup time efficiently when running an event. I can help you with creating bespoke designs for your event characters, as well as training and equipping your makeup teams with the skills & knowledge they will need to ensure your makeup department runs smoothly throughout your event.