Working for AJP Designs & The National Forest Adventure Farm
AJP Designs |

I have worked creating mural and scenic art for Screamfest Burton on 3 separate years. The main bulk of my work at this site was on the maze Soul Seekers. This initially started with a huge airbrush mural to be placed into the queue line of the attraction, which then developed into my first scenic job theming the attraction to feel like an old abandoned 1930's hotel. We used lots of distressing techniques, rust, mould, blood splatters, textures, brickwork, and more all to create a truly horrifying experience.

Smaller projects completed for Screamfest Burton include a huge camouflage wall and wooden door painted to appear as rusted steel for the 'Children of the Corn' maze. I also added latex to plastic prop skeletons before airbrush painted them to appear as if they were covered with remains of rotting flesh.

In subsequent years I also have worked on the maze Slasher, where I distressed a room to look like it had been aged and neglected. I also painted a selection of large wooden characters to be used as props within their 'Hillbilly Joe's Zombie Shootout' game. Most recently I spent a short time working with a team to aid in the completion of the 'Insomnia' attraction. This work involved more distressing techniques of both mouldy and slimy walls, and distressing brickwork panels.