Body painting is an incredible art form that has to be seen in person to be fully appreciated. There is nothing quite like a living, breathing, walking, talking canvas. There is a certain adrenaline in the creation process; knowing that you have such a limited time frame to both create and capture the artwork before it is gone forever.

Body painting is becoming more recognised as an art form and can be great for advertising or marketing, live events for dancers or promo staff, personal

photoshoots, and wherever else your imagination can take you.

One of my most thrilling jobs to date was working as part of the body paint team led by Suzanna Forrister-Beer for The Brits 2019,

as we body painted 28 dancers at the O2 Arena for the Calvin Harris and Dua

Lipa performance.

I have received numerous awards and have a wealth of experience in the body painting world from creating work for clients, the adrenaline fuelled environment of painting dancers for live performances, to competing under strict conditions. I also frequently demonstrate this wonderful art form at both industry and public events. I can work to tight timeframes and deadlines whilst still providing the highest quality work. I have great knowledge and experience of working with both professional and inexperienced models, and am easily adaptable to various working conditions.

I specialise in the use of airbrush within my body painting, and have a love for creating my unique and illustrative style, however I am easily adaptable to all body paint conditions and briefs. 

As well as my own individual skills, should a larger team be required I am well connected with some of the best and highly skilled face and body painters in the UK and can put together an elite team in order to fulfil your needs.

Please contact me if you would like more information of how we can work this wonderful art form into your business or event.

"Kate is a highly professional and well respected Artist within the Bodypainting and Makeup Industry. Her unique style and eye for detail, coupled together with her fast and efficient delivery of detailed Art work, made her an ideal choice for my Team last week. 

 I had a last minute casting call late Tuesday to provide Airbrushed Body Art Makeup to 28 Dancers for a live performance at the BRITS AWARDS for CALVIN HARRIS & DUA LIPA'S Performance. Kate was a delightful and invaluable member of my Team, expertly executing the brief in a positive and skillful manner. She was a fantastic team player, and worked with minimal direction, whilst operating independently as needed. 

I would highly recommend her for any related work, and will most certainly be enlisting her super skills for any future work and projects."

- Suzanna Forrister-Beer , Makeup, Hair & Bodypaint Artist

2019 - 'WARPAINTOPIA - PRO BEAUTY LONDON' - Body Painting - 2nd Place

2018 - 'WARPAINTOPIA - PRO BEAUTY NORTH' - Body Painting - 1st Place

2017 - BODYCRAFT FESTIVAL' - Body Paint Pairs Competition - Runner Up
2015 - 'PAINTOPIA FESTIVAL' - Solo Bodypainter of the Year - 3rd Place

2015 - 'WARPAINT MAG - PRO BEAUTY NORTH' - 'Pro Artist' Award

2015 - ‘WARPAINT MAG - PRO BEAUTY NORTH' - Body Painting - 1st Place

2014 - 'UK FACE&BODYART CONVENTION' - Postal Body Paint - 1st Place