Traumatica Horror Nights 2019 - Europa Park, Germany

I was extremely honoured to be asked to be a part of the Real Mccoy FX makeup team at Traumatica Horror Nights, Europa Park, Germany.

The event had a total of 21 shows over a 6 week period and myself and the incredibly talented makeup team had to make up around 200 actors, ice skaters and dancers every show day. Understandably it was a high pressured environment where efficiency is key, but I thoroughly enjoyed every second. 


Working alongside a heavily experienced team I learned so much, as well as being able to have my chance to shine too. It was really great to all work together as part of the Traumatica family to create such an amazing and prestigious event! I had been a fan of the event myself since my first visit in 2017, so I really had to pinch myself sometimes that this year I was an integral part of it!

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The post apocalyptic world of Traumatica is built up of factions fighting for dominance and survival, and it's great seeing how the different factions react to each other. Within the factions you have my favourites the Shadows, The Pack, The Fallen, Resistance and Ghouls. Since the original Traumatica with those factions, other characters have started to infiltrate the world such as the Rotters (zombies) and the Myra Moon character with her Moon Servants.


Traumatica comprises of five houses (one for each original faction) and three scare zones, all which are full of actors, as well as a number of roaming actors on the streets. With the house characters, understanding show lighting was absolutely essential because this is where we could be really time efficient with our character makeups, dependant upon how well they would be seen. The better we would plan our low lighting makeups, the more time this would allow us to spend on the street and scare zone characters, because these are ultimately the ones which the public would be allowed to take pictures of and have selfies with.. And we all know how unflattering a phone camera flash can be! So these are the ones that we had to really fine tune and make look good, because if there's one thing the event prides itself on, it's high quality makeup!

As well as the huge amount of actors at the event, we also did make up for the skaters and performers in the Ice Show, the Vampire Club and the Forbidden Club. 


I feel like working with such an amazing team who work in tv and movies, and with excellent guidance from my boss and mentor Bill Mccoy, I could really develop my style so much and learn a lot about myself as an artist. When I started the run my work was very stylised, but as the weeks went on I practised more realistic and movie style paint effects with my actors and I am so thankful for everything I learned. I also got to dabble in sculpting, moulding and applying prosthetics which I have never really looked into before, and this has definitely opened up new passions and avenues I want to develop going forward in 2020!


It's also always been such a dream for my art to allow me to travel, and spending 6 weeks in Germany was just so surreal and emotional to think of how far I have come. Im honestly such a believer in 'if you can dream it, you can do it' and being there, having such a wonderful experience, learning so much, making such strong connections, seeing new places.. It really cemented that for me. 


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