The Prosthetics Event 2019 - Giger Themed Body Painting

I haven't demoed at The Prosthetics Event for a while, so it was great to be back this year creating a look on the Monster FX stand!

The Prosthetics Event is organised by the one and only Neil Gorton and is an amazing place where artists gather together to learn, be inspired, network and find all of the materials they could ever need!

Many thanks to Monster FX for having me along to create a body paint demo on their stand. Having visited the HR Giger museum in Switzerland during my time at Traumatica, I was itching to get a Giger inspired body paint out of my system, and the Monster FX Cyborg prosthetic pieces were a perfect excuse to go crazy with it! Check them out on as well as all of the other amazing prosthetics you can purchase! 


Also huge thanks to Airbrush Body Art who provided the Hybrid airbrush paint for this demo. A great long lasting paint with an alcohol base that is still easy for the model to remove. These flow so wonderfully through the airbrush too to allow you to create fine details. To purchase their Pro Paint, head over to

We were also lucky to get on TV with this one, as ITV filmed us at work for their segment on the news!

Screenshot 2020-01-11 at 221516png

Many thanks to Suzanne Cliff who applied the prosthetics so that I could focus on the body paint, and to my model Rachel Marston who is always such a pleasure to work with.