NYX Professional Makeup Face Awards 2019 Top 10!

I am completely mindblown and honoured to be in the NYX Face Awards 2019 Top 10!

Our first submitted look could be any of our choice, and from then the panel chose a 'Top 20'. My very first submission looked was Amethyst themed.


In the top 20 we were given a HUGE box of goodies, to then create an unboxing video with, and also the theme for the next round which was 'Proud Soul'.

Then it was on to creating our 'Proud Soul' look - the theme specifically focused on the rainbow aspect, what with it being Pride month! I decided to take a personal spin on the theme, and created 'the wallflower that blossomed'. I think the meaning with this is pretty self explanatory, and I tried to do a little story telling with the intro into the video. It is something that is really close to my heart and means a lot to me. 

Our top 20 looks were then judged, and I am so excited to have made it to the top ten in the next round of the competition!

As part of the top 10, we have been sent another big box of goodies to 'unbox' and the theme for the top 10 round has been revealed as 'Living Art'.

Now to create a look for the Top 10 theme! Also, this next round is the voting round - which means I need to muster up all the votes that I can get in order to reach the top 5! Please be sure to follow my social media to keep tabs on the voting stage, and any help to share and spread the word would be appreciated like you wouldn't believe! <3

The local paper of my hometown have even got involved by giving me this full page feature, how
Now, lets made the top 5! I will keep you posted on my look for the next round!