NYX FACE AWARDS UK FINAL 5 2019 - Wonderland After Dark

It's been a busy few months and I am only just in 2020 getting round to updating my website, but I
still can't quite believe that I made the top 5 in the 2019 NYX Professional Makeup Face Awards. 

The final happened on September 18th 2019 at the Grubb Street Author in London. On this night,
the final 5 looks were showcased in front of a panel of judges and the winner decided.


he theme was 'Wonderland After Dark' and I decided to base my concept around the idea of 'The Abandoned Tea Party'.
'If time for tea were never to come,
yet the table was set as the evening begun...
An empty cup, food laced with mould...
Nature taking over, wonderland taking hold...'

I was inspired by my fascination with urban exploring and the way that abandoned items and places take on a whole new level of beauty when nature takes its course, almost creating its very own wonderland. 

I wanted to experiment with texture and using products in unique ways. I used clay to create 3d texture on my skin and then stippled on a variety of foundation colours with a natural sponge, to give a mottled aged porcelain effect to my skin. I then used other NYX products to go in and add details such as cracks and vines. I still wanted to keep a beauty element which I did with the rich plum colour of the eyes and lips. 


I also put a lot of effort into the costume that I created which unfortunately didn't get showcased very well in the final video or picture. I customised an entire corset full with wonderland details, turned a gypsy skirt into a bustle skirt covered with vines, and even customised shoes and tights to match the theme. Within the details were broken tea cups, keys, miniature 'drink me' bottles, clock pieces and more! I had so much fun creating all the details! 

To see the video for my top 5 look, please head over to my YouTube! https://youtu.be/JsZBlu-I6XE

Our videos were shown to the audience and the judges, and then we were invited on stage to answer questions. I am really proud of how I conducted myself on stage. For a girl who has spent a lot of her life crippled with shyness, being on that stage and talking so confidently and articulately was such a huge achievement for me. 

Screenshot 2020-01-11 at 210651png

Unfortunately I didn't win the coveted title which went to my wonderful friend Tiffany (@illumin_arty) but I am still so proud of my journey, my concept and how I presented myself. I also hope that this experience can be a sign of never giving up. Since my first face awards experience in 2017 I had always said I just wanted to make it to the top 5. I persisted year upon year and finally made it and achieved that goal.

What a whirlwind of an experience my three years of being in the face awards has given me! Since I first entered and reached the top 10 in 2017, I can honestly say it inspired me to push further and further with my makeup career and I have a lot to owe to the whole chapter in my life.

I have been told numerous times 'oh there's always next year', but my reply has always been 'I'm done now'. As much as the prize money would be wonderful, I reached my goal of top 5.. I had an incredible journey along the way which has shaped my career and life. Now it's time for others to explore that journey too! 
To see my vlog of the day of the final, please head over to my YouTube!