Kryolan Bag Sale 2019 - Body paint Window Display

Did you manage to make it down to the Kryolan Bag Sale this year? I had always heard of it and how everyone went crazy for it, but this was my first year attending.. However, I was there in a slightly different capacity!

The Kryolan UK team had asked me to complete a body paint demonstration in the window as entertainment for the hoards of people that queue for hours to get in. I had been planning to go down to the bag sale anyway with the fabulous Leigh Easthope (@easthope_fx), so when this opportunity arised I asked if he would assist me, but it turned out to be much more of a collaborative dynamic which I absolutely loved and I really enjoyed how our styles worked together. Our model was Callum Hanney (@teamrts) who also was the perfect man for the job.


I had been asked by the Kryolan team if we could create a design that included the logo, but also themed around the 'Makeup is a science' tagline. I instantly pictured the idea of someone removing a mask which was the Kryolan logo mask, and all of the airbrush detail being quite mechanical. I imagined robot arms holding makeup brushes and lipsticks, reaching around and applying the makeup in a very science-lab kind of atmosphere. When sketching ideas the makeup brushes and lipsticks were hard to make it clear what they actually were, so instead I went for the idea of the robot arms holding airbrushes as they are much more distinctive in their style.


I added robotic mechanical bits and pieces and general science lab things like test tubes and flasks. I used the Kryolan airbrush and TC-501 C compressor, alongside the Nebula Airbrush Makeup products to complete the airbrush work, and they are such a joy to work with. The micronised pigments flow through the airbrush so easy, and every colour is really bold and vivid on the body. Even the white, which is a colour that is well known to sink into the background a lot when it sits over the top of other colours. 

Leigh created the non airbrush parts of the piece. He created a perfect base using the Ultra Foundation with the Makeup Blend, and created all the doll like hinges and sections using these, supracolor and eyeshadows, along with a slightly shimmery powder to set it all. Our idea was that this was the perfect mannequin-esq front that makeup creates, whilst my airbrush work was the inner workings of it all; the 'behind the scenes' if you will of what creates the perfect doll-like exteriors.I was really impressed with he depth he managed to create and how clean and crisp his sections were.

Together the styles are very different but I think worked so well and complimented each other perfectly. The clean and crisp editorial finish, with my creative craziness underneath. The perfect blend and I also think we managed to showcase a multitude of techniques and products by working in this way. Lots of people within the team were also impressed with how well we worked together as a team, and were shocked to hear it was our first time creating a paint together! It was certainly a pleasure to work alongside not only such a great friend, but someone who inspires me daily.


We finished off by airbrushing the Kryolan logo on the back before going in with the gorgeous Pure Pigments in Blue and Silver with the mixing medium to add an extra dimension and highlights across the piece. The blue is absolutely to die for and is probably my most favourite product right now.

We had various things to contend with such as working in a rather confined space which was also very warm, but yet everything worked so well and ran smoothly. The Kryolan team were so attentive and are probably one of the most welcoming teams I've worked with. And it was so surreal whenever I glanced out the window to see the crowds outside, cameras at the ready taking lots of videos and photos. All the passers by too, not only the people queueing!
It was a really great day and experience and so glad that the Kryolan team seemed really happy with both the results, and how well the demonstration throughout the day was received.

Some of the people had been there queueing since 11oclock the night before! So hopefully we managed to brighten their day a little!

I am still smiling from the experience, and its great to see how many people grabbed so many incredible bargains throughout the bag sale madness! It was certainly a great way to experience it myself for the first time, and I can see why people get so excited for it!

Do you think you would be ever to queue that long for a makeup sale?