Covid-19 Business Update

After so many high expectations for 2020 after an incredible 2019, I find myself in an industry deeply affected by the current global pandemic.

Working both with the face, but also with my main work being in public events, our industry was not only the first hit back in March as events cancelled, but also with the latest government legislation making work on the face 'illegal' in the UK, it looks as though we will be the last to return to any kind of normal.

Throughout the lockdown and the ongoing pandemic, I am going to be completely honest with you.. I have struggled. It has been such a rollercoaster, from feeling positive and full of ambition to back into the deepest darkest depths of despair.

I am a person who lives and breathes my work. It is not just a livelihood that has been stripped away from me, it is my soul and my identity.

Throughout this period, I have been working on my confidence and skills with my fine art, working on both original work and commissions. Going forward this is an area I am certainly going to pursue more. Please do contact me for any interest in original artworks or pet portraits. My plans are to work on getting myself an online store together for prints and originals. 

I have also managed to keep my toes dipped into the social media pool, with collaborations with The Perfume Shop and Easehold mirrors, utilising Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok. 

Due to the current situation and relying on government support, though I am grateful for the help to help cover my basic human rights, I have discovered how the system really is not designed to encourage entrepreneurship or ambition, and instead leaves those of us who want to push and build, or redirect our businesses, suffocated and trapped.

I, however, am a survivor. And I have always worked my ass off to live my dream. I may have to work a little harder than I even do usually to help get out of this trap that we have been forced into, but I will find a way. So the upcoming plans and endeavours will hopefully be happening soon, if they are not immediate due to the current situation.

I will still aim to pursue my career with my face and body art and makeup as soon as it is feasibly possible. It is part of who I am, not just from a creative perspective, but also for my connection with people. It will still be the foundation of my business. I just hope that it won't be too long until it is able to return.

Until then, please do keep an eye on what other work I am doing wherever I can. 

I thank everyone who has ever supported my throughout the years in building up this career, and I don't aim to let you down.

Kate x