Collaborations With Danny Woodstock

Recently I discovered the awesome work of Danny Woodstock on Instagram and just loved his edgy, high contrast alternative style. A few messages later, I found myself at his studio in London working on a number of collaborative creative shoots!


With each model we were building up towards a final look and concept. Those particular images are being saved at the moment, so watch this space! However, the way we worked on the shoots in order to make the most of each day was to gradually build up the looks in steps, giving us a multitude of looks along the way. 

Working with an incredible bank of models as part of Danny's Woodstock Models agency, these shoots have been a fun and exciting challenge in a number of ways. 

Firstly, one of my main goals in reaching out to Danny was wanting to broaden the variety in my portfolio. I have started delving into creating in a more editorial fashion over the past year and wanted to expand upon that, but also Danny's edgy photography just struck a chord with my own personal style and inspired me. 

Working with tattooed models in itself I have found an interesting challenge, and think I have found a new passion. It's so different to working with a blank canvas because you want to compliment the amazing permanent body art, rather than just covering it and eliminating it completely like I always have done in the past. This means a lot of the work created isn't my old full on illustrative style of work, as this kind of body painting would just get lost amongst the tattoos. Instead, working with simplicity, boldness, colour and placement is the key and it is definitely more about changing your way of thinking to really just consider the final image and concept as opposed to creating intricate detailed artworks. 

We have more shoots lined up and hopefully this will turn into an ongoing collaboration project. As previously mentioned, our final looks and images are yet to be shown to the world, but in the meantime, here are a selection of images from our first three days shooting with our fabulous models. See more within my portfolio pages!




IMG_6624 2JPG