A week of filming!

Life is starting to get to a point where some weeks are just insanely surreal, and last week was one of them! Not only did I go down to work with NYX and a production team to film my look for the Top 5, but also worked on my first brand campaign filming with Avon!

First up was NYX, and after a crazy busy face painting weekend painting in Wolverhampton for Seaside in the city, I went straight from there down to London where NYX had put us up in the rather swanky Pullman hotel for the evening as we had a really early call time the next day. Experiences like this are happening more and more frequently, but the novelty really never wears off and I still often feel like I am dreaming!

Not only was the hotel lovely, but being based on the 14th floor meant I had probably one of the best hotel room views I have ever had! Safe to say, I slept with my curtains open so that I could wake up to the incredible London skyline!

IMG_5078 2JPG

Call time was bright and early as we headed off to the beautiful location of the Rivolli Ballroom. I have honestly never seen a building like it, it really was like going down the rabbit hole and finding yourself in a weird and wonderful world! Detail awaited you in every nook and cranny!


We all were there creating our looks together which made for a really great experience and a wonderful day. We had 3 hours to create our looks, then we shot our 'hero photos', before posing and then being interviewed! It was such an honour to share this experience with such incredible people, and everyone on set was just wonderful from the NYX ladies to the production crew. What an experience!


Our looks are top secret until the final on September 18th where the videos will be a showcased to a room full of industry people with some top judges. The theme was 'Wonderland After Dark'. I'm so happy with my concept, but everyone did so brilliantly so it honestly could go to anyone! Can't wait to show you all the results!

From this I then had a day off before going to film for the second time this week in Northampton for Avon. Originally this shoot was going to be in Amsterdam, so admittedly, Northampton doesn't sound quite as adventurous, but certainly with my schedule at the moment did work out a lot better for me. Hopefully they will love what I did and book me again in the future when we can actually get around to doing it in Amsterdam!


We filmed four looks for their October camping in an instagram inspiration fashion. The looks were relatively simple and therefore to provide inspiration that is easy to recreate using Avon's products. Another great experience and a lovely team to work with who seemed to really enjoy what I created! Really enjoyed this job and hopefully will lead to more like this!