Kryolan Shoot

It was lovely to see the images from my shoot with Kryolan earlier in the year get shared globally this summer.

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A week of filming!

Life is starting to get to a point where some weeks are just insanely surreal. Last week, not only did I go down to work with NYX and a production team to film my look for the Top 5, but also worked on my first brand campaign filming with Avon!

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Creative Makeup Shoot with Matt Higgs

I was asked to come and be involved in a photoshoot with the awesome photographer Matt Higgs ( to review a new high definition camera for the London Camera Exchange.

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Spring Workshops

It's been a busy start to the year in the way of workshops! From working with Kryolan UK, Brushtroke Makeup School at Shepperton Studios, and also Riverside College in Widnes!

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