Kate 'Monroe' Groves

Multi Award winning Professional Face & Body Painter, Creative Makeup Artist, Mural and Scenic Artist, Airbrush Artist, Education & Training

Art is something that is ingrained within me and has always been at the forefront of my passion and ambition.

From a young age I have fond memories of spending all of my time drawing, painting and creating, which then developed into a love for web design and graphics as a teen.

Throughout college, I took a slightly different route studying Music Technology, but this introduced me to another world as I became enthralled with live music and band photography; a set of skills that are more important now than ever to capture a moment in time with the temporary nature of face & body art.

It was at a time where I found myself at a loss of direction that I found myself working at a local zoo; the animals provided both tranquility and inspiration. Through what seems like fate, this then ultimately introduced me to the fabulous and colourful world of face painting.

Since then, I feel like I have truly found my calling, winning numerous awards along the way and building a strong reputation within the UK Face Painting & Body Art industry.

My skills have also been easily transferred over the years from people to 8ft high walls with an array of mural and scenic work both domestic and at themed immersive attractions and events to help add an extra sense of magic and escapism. 

2019 sees me fulfilling the dream of entering the world of training and education as I embark upon an exciting collaboration as a guest artist with Kryolan Professional Makeup, as well as undertaking more training and demonstrations across the country including the prestigious IMATS London. It has also had exciting beginnings in the world of live performance, as I was asked to be part of the www.make-upps.co.uk body paint team for THE BRITS body painting dancers for the Calvin Harris/Dua Lipa performance.

I am continually striving to build up and extend my skill base and push my boundaries to see where this fabulous and colourful journey will take me.