This particular project was to transform a space and a chair to create a jungle themed birthday party area. Budget and timescale were very limited, so the project had to be completed in one day. I got the client to base coat the walls with a pale green, and to do a base colour of green and brown on the chair to rid it of its icy blue colours, ensuring that I could turn up and just crack on with the detailing. The entire transformation was completed in 8 hours. In an ideal world I would have loved a minimum extra half day to really refine areas, but sometimes it just isn't possible and you really just have to focus on overall impact and speed.


Working for Unlocked Vision Entertainment |

I was commissioned by UVE to help create a wintery forest scene for visitors to walk through before entering an ice cave. There was a large area to fill (8ft high x approx 60ft wide) on a limited time constraint of three days, and all was painted by hand without the use of my trusty airbrush.


Working for Unlocked Vision Entertainment |

What started out as initially being commissioned for two clown murals, soon turned into a mammoth project as my planned two clowns were completed in a fraction of the expected time. The first initial two clown walls were completed in one day. I then moved on to complete the entire room which consisted on two more clown walls, a text wall, and some transitioning areas (which included yet another miniature clown). I was then invited back to complete an archway corridor, an additional two text walls, and some large clown faces to go into the finale. The entire project listed above was completed by myself in a grand total of 5 days work. 

I based out my designs by hand, first sketching with white emulsion before painting the UV bases and then detailing with airbrush. The maze was a UV maze, however UV lighting wasn't available to work under, so all the pieces had to be painted in daylight in the hope that all would be well once the UV lights were switched on. (Thankfully, everything worked well!) Everything painted was UV except the final clown faces for the finale.


Working for Unlocked Vision Entertainment |

A relatively small project, I was given the task of painting a new room in this years 'Phobia' maze. The idea of this room is that guests would feel as though they were camping in a forest in the middle of the night. I had to create realistic detail in the foreground, whilst also trying to create a perception of depth. 

This was my first time painting tree's on such a large scale so was a great learning experience as I figured out the quickest techniques with the most effective results as I went along. I love the thrill of having to think on the spot and working out how I am going to do things in the moment. 

This room was completed in one and a half days and was painted all by hand without my airbrush.


Working for AJP Designs & The National Forest Adventure Farm
AJP Designs |

I have worked creating mural and scenic art for Screamfest Burton on 3 separate years. The main bulk of my work at this site was on the maze Soul Seekers. This initially started with a huge airbrush mural to be placed into the queue line of the attraction, which then developed into my first scenic job theming the attraction to feel like an old abandoned 1930's hotel. We used lots of distressing techniques, rust, mould, blood splatters, textures, brickwork, and more all to create a truly horrifying experience. 

Smaller projects completed for Screamfest Burton include a huge camouflage wall and wooden door painted to appear as rusted steel for the 'Children of the Corn' maze. I also added latex to plastic prop skeletons before airbrush painted them to appear as if they were covered with remains of rotting flesh.
In subsequent years I also have worked on the maze Slasher, where I distressed a room to look like it had been aged and neglected. I also painted a selection of large wooden characters to be used as props within their 'Hillbilly Joe's Zombie Shootout' game. Most recently I spent a short time working with a team to aid in the completion of the 'Insomnia' attraction. This work involved more distressing techniques of both mouldy and slimy walls, and distressing brickwork panels.